The Naked Preacher Podcast

“Preachers Are Women” with Rev. Leah Anderson Reed, Rev. Emily Hull McGee, and Rev. Amy McClure

June 21, 2021

I don't know where I'd be if God didn't call women to ministry. My life has been immeasurably impacted by women God has equipped to be pastors; their shepherding has helped guide me to the fulfillment and faith I enjoy today.

Not everybody has had an experience like mine, however; some women, in fact, have been taught that it is against God's nature to call them for this sacred work, and that can make their journey into ministry uniquely difficult.

Thankfully, however, God's call is fierce, and I'm blessed to have women friends who have pursued it no matter what others might think. Three of those friends--Rev. Leah Anderson Reed, Rev. Emily Hull McGee, and Rev. Amy McClure--join me today to talk about their experience as women in ministry. Hopefully their stories will give insight for those of us who've never had to fight battles in defending our calls, as well as inspiration to any women who might listen who are wrestling with a call, themselves.

Learn more about Emily and Amy here, and learn more about Leah here.

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